Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Thought I'd keep you abreast of all sporting competitions

The third annual naked sledging even in Braulage, Germany proved to be big crowd pleaser. Orange News reported that more than 17,000 spectators could bare-ly contain their excitment as they turned out for the event, which saw 30 sledgers compete for a prize of £1000. Only 30 of the 400 applicants were allowed to take part, although organisers insist that the selection was not solely based on looks. There was bare-faced cheek from one judge, who told Orange News that the close finishes were good “because we’re all very keen on studying the photo finishes!” For those who feel cold just thinking about it rest assured that the topless contestants do cover up with shoes, socks, scarves and underwear bottoms before facing the freezing conditions.

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