Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain didn't dampen their spirits

We’re notorious for complaining about the weather in Britain. An extremely grumpy man from my village once spent a whole winter moaning about the cold and the rain and the frost and the ice and the fog... When summer arrived in full force we commented on what a glorious sunny day it was... he responded “Hmpf, far too hot for me, can’t abide this dreadful heat, be glad when summer's over.”

Football fans particularly suffer from our attitude to the weather with frozen or waterlogged pitches regularly causing postponements in winter. It appears that Brazilian players and fans are somewhat hardier than the British breed as the Metro reports that they braved torrential rain and a waterlogged pitch to play a championship match in Sao Paulo.

The match between Palmeiras and Sao Paulo was hit by the downpour which flooded the Morumbi Stadium and drowned the pitch. Once the referee decided to postpone the kick-off for an hour some of the supporters chose to frolic in the water. The stands were so drenched that fans were able to swim in front of the seating!
(The Metro has great pictures of this )

Photo by Chris Upson on Wiki Commons

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