Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When I was a lass...

“...No child would ever have dared to say words like that, I wouldn’t have even known the meaning” is a common complaint amongst anyone from about the age of 20 upwards, but one football team faces closure due to the language parents use at matches. The Daily Mirror reported that Marton Football Club may have to close due to an increase in anti-social behaviour from over-zealous and (according to the Mirror) “ignorant” parents. The adults in question have been the subject of many complaints to the FA. It has also received many requests that the club’s Charter Standard and funding be revoked, following abuse hurled at a 15-year old referee. The latest match to cause a furore was an under-nines match when one eight-year old boy was sworn at in abusive tirades from the parents on the side-lines. In a bid to hold on to its status and funding the club has sworn to clamp down on this behaviour by banning parents from matches if they use abusive language.

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