Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A hole new craze

For those who have long enjoyed the cries of delight, yelps of pain and general madness that is Takeshi’s Castle there is a new Japanese pastime to watch: competitive hole digging! Like the famous castle assault course this new sporting challenge has really taken off in Japan with over a thousand fans gathering to watch the latest Japan All National Hole Digging Competition. According to The Telegraph the Golden Shovel award was the coveted prize with more than 200 teams taking part in the event. Professional hole diggers, children and all-women teams participated, digging the deepest possible hole within the 30 minute time limit. As well as attempting to dig deepest the “most creative hole” was also rewarded. In answer to the question that is quite possibly niggling away at you: the deepest hole was 3.26 metres.

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