Monday, October 1, 2012

Elementary my dear BBC

The BBC may not have Downton but it is generally pretty good on its sport. However I have been irritated by recent errors in its online coverage. Yesterday's gem of a statement was 'Andy Murray returns to action this week for the first time since winning the US Open on 11 September, eager to round off his career-best season on a high.' True Andy Murray returns this week and it is the first time he's played competitively since the glorious moment when he claimed his crown as King of the Court in the US Open. BUT that momentous day was not the 11th September. I realise that as an avid Murray fan who has sobbed through his defeats and wept with pure joy at both the Olympic and Grand Slam victory I am more likely than most to remember the date of his victory. In addition to all that it happened on my birthday... or at least it would have done if I'd been in America! I had to stay up long into the night on the 10th/11th September 2012 watching on a Sky Go account on the smallest laptop in the history of the world. So I vividly remember that it was on 11th September in the UK but 10th September in the US. An understandable mistake I hear you cry. Well, maybe yes, but it was very definitely 10th September where Andy Murray was. Quite frankly I would happily have the anonymous tennis reporter's job and would do my utmost to sweat the little things and get it right. Obviously the fact that said reporter remains unnamed suggests that it could well be an intern who wrote this erroneous article, but as the poor payment, or non-payment, of journalists for their skilled work is a major aggravation to me I think I'll save that topic for another day.

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