Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pool/crematorium debate hotting up

Everyone loves a dip in a warm pool but Redditch council have come under fire for their “environmentally friendly” plans to heat a local swimming pool using heat from the nearby crematorium. This use of energy would reduce carbon emissions overall and (probably a more pressing concern for the council) it would save an estimated £14,000 per annum for the pool. The proposals have received a mixed reaction from swimmers and local residents, many of whom feel it is a disrespectful suggestion. There have been a few positive responses from those who believe that the council are dead on target with the idea. Supporters point out that there is a precedent with the chapel in Royal Leamington Spa being heated by the waste heat from the crematorium (indeed one would question why all crematorium chapels are not heated in this way?) and the idea originates in Scandinavia where this is apparently common practice.

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